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WCDMA Antenna Built-in Repeater 15dBm
    Publish time 2014-04-25 11:18    
Remark: This type repeater with indoor antenna inside the repeater, also including outdoor small panelsmall panel antenna, 9 meters cable,holder and power supply etc.

With AGC, ALC, MGC light indication, from light color you will know about repeater's working, so its' operation is so easy! ! ! ! ! And suitable for house,office building,shop,hotel,school and so on.

Item Specification 
Model Number GCPR-W15
Frequency UL:  1920-1970MHZ
DL:  2110-2170MHZ
Gain 65dB
Automatic Level Control ≥20dB
Noise Figure ≤5dB
Gain Flatness 5dB (p-p),
Automatic Gain Control  30dB in step of 1dB Auto
Output Power(Max) DL15dBm
Input Power Range ≤-25 dBm
IM3 ≤-45dBc
Spurious Emission 9KHz~150KHz ≤-36dBm @ 1KHz
150KHz~30MHz ≤-36dBm @ 10KHz
30MHz~1GHz (out of band) ≤ -36dBm @ 100KHz
1GHz~6.7GHz ≤ -36dBm @ 1MHz
Group Delay UL1μs
Operating voltage AC 220V

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